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The 2021 Travelers Choice Award, awarded to the top snowmobile tours on trip advisor.
The 2022 Travelers' Choice Award, awarded to the best snowmobile tours in Colorado.

Steamboat Springs Snowmobile Tours

The Best American Bison Snowmobile Tours in Colorado!

2-Hour Snowmobile Adventure

with Bison Sightings

Tour Description:

What's more, Colorado than a day spent snowmobiling in Steamboat Springs with bison? If the idea of taking on some freshly groomed trails excites you, then this 20-mile tour around a private bison ranch is for you. This exciting Steamboat snowmobile tour travels through a variety of different terrain. Explore vast hay fields and majestic creek valley flooring, ascend to epic viewpoints and rip a massive free-ride area. These tours capture amazing sights from every angle. Our snowmobile tours are a must for things to do in Steamboat Springs or any other part within 200 miles.


Lucky 8 is the best company to go with if you want an unforgettable experience on your next visit to Colorado. Our guides are top-notch and passionate; they're always there when it matters most! You'll never be stuck or alone without help. We ensure all our clients feel comfortable and safe throughout their trip so that everyone has a great time together for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Check out the 360-degree views of Routt County in our 80-acre free-ride area, where you can let those speed demons loose.

Note: All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under a special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.


$190 per Driver

$120 per Passenger Over the Age of 16

$70 per Passenger Under the Age of 16

$190 per Adult Passenger Riding with a Guide Over the Age of 16

$100 per Youth Passenger Riding with a Guide Under the Age of 16 

Complimentary Shuttle Available!

Tour Times:

Monday - Sunday: 10 am & 2 pm

Tour Duration:

2 Hours Total

What to Bring:

Water Bottle, Insulated Pants, Insulated Jacket, Insulated Gloves, & Insulated Boots

Check out our blog for more snowmobile gear and safety tips. 

What is Provided:

Well-maintained 2019 - 2022 Ski-Doo snowmobiles!

A custom-designed Hoo-Rag facemask!

A place to fill up your water bottle, warm beverages, and light snacks!

Complimentary DOT-certified and sanitized full-face helmets, goggles, and boots.

A limited amount of complimentary rental clothing is available (pants, jackets & gloves)!


"Our first ever snowmobile adventure! Bison! Views! FUN!!"

- Facebook Review

"...I can't stop thinking about the wonderful experience we had snowmobiling at The Lucky 8 Ranch... "

- Yelp Review

"We made the right decision! We were planning to go snowmobiling one day and then rent a car the next day in order to see the mountains up close and personal. The snowmobile trip did it all in one shot! "

- Google Review

Rules & Requirements


  1. All drivers must present a valid driver's license at check-in (mandatory for all drivers).

  2. Drivers must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver's license. An adult must accompany all drivers under the age of 18 on tour.

  3. Must be five (5) years old to be a passenger. 

  4. Experience is not necessary. Guides will provide instructions, a safety brief, and equipment orientation before the tour begins.

  5. Children as young as five (5) years old may ride with a responsible adult or with a guide (based on availability).

  6. Be sure your clothing and personal items will withstand the cold, snow, wet, and bouncing around!

  7. We will not be responsible for personal property.

  8. Winter boots are required for your safety.

  9. Rental clothing (rental snowsuits, boots, and gloves are available). (LIMITED SUPPLY)

  10. Pregnant women, anyone with heart, neck, back problems, or recent joint replacement surgeries are not allowed to participate.

  11. Recommended weight limit per vehicle not to exceed 350 lbs.

  12. The driver is 100% responsible for vehicular damage.  

  13. Helmets & eye protection are required and provided.  


  1. Have fun and be safe!

  2. NO SMOKING anytime throughout the entire tour or on Lucky 8 Ranch property.

  3. Review and understand the operations of the vehicle. Ask Questions!

  4. Wear protective winter clothing (Pants, Jackets, Boots, and Gloves).

  5. Helmets and eye protection is mandatory while on a vehicle.

  6. Follow the trail and maintain a "safe" distance from the vehicle in front of you.


  8. Slow is always better & safer.

  9. Watch out for bison & wildlife. DO NOT APPROACH or ANTAGONIZE. 

  10. If you have vehicle trouble, stop and turn off your engine. DO NOT GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE.

  11. If you get separated from the group

    • Stop and Wait


    • We WILL find you

  12. This adventure is a guided tour and not an adrenaline-junky thrill ride. Think of it as a vigorous cruise.

  13. This tour is considered a high adventure tour. Unless these rules are followed, there is a possibility of personal injury or flipping a vehicle. 

  14. Be conscientious of others on tour, as everyone has a different riding ability.

  15. Go slow, be safe, and watch out for each other.

  16. Be respectful of Lucky 8 Ranch property. This is our home!

For the safety of everyone on tour, failure to follow these rules will result in having your driving privileges removed immediately!


Potential Hazards

Cliffs along trails!

Unguarded turns with steep drop-offs!

Limited Site Areas

Narrow Trails/Roads

Hair Pin Turns

Bison, Horses, Goats, Alpaca, Llamas, Chicken, Ducks, & other wildlife

Trees & Large Rocks

Slick Trails/Roads when Wet

Dusty when Dry

Fire Hazards at ALL TIMES!

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