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Custom Agriculture Services

Lucky 8 Ranch strives to give our clients the best service and quality!


If you have hay fields but don't have the capacity to harvest them, we can help! We offer custom harvesting solutions for properties ranging from 15 acres to 5,000 acres. You can trust us to provide top-quality services for all your custom hay needs, as our equipment has been developed to harvest both small and large bales. We understand the importance of hay production so that you can get the best out of each acre year after year. Whether you are looking to expand your current custom hay operation or venturing into custom hay production for the first time, we have everything you need.


We make small square bales (~65 lbs) and 4x4x8 large square bales (~1500 lbs)

What we offer:

Swath/Cut, Ted, Rake & Bale 

Rates are dependent on the season and current fuel prices.

Our Colorado bison ranch needs to feed our animals.  We are always seeking more fields to harvest to feed our animals.

Call us for a consultation.  

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If your field is a bumpy mess, field harrowing may be the answer you are looking for. This procedure can help manage moles, varmints holes/dens, and break up thatch from the previous season. It can also effectively spread manure from winter feeding. It involves using an implement, typically pulled by a tractor, to "rake" the field. Harrowing allows for better water infiltration and growth potential for future crops. Consider field harrowing if you want to make big changes in your field without major disruption of its soil structure.


The rotary harrow makes agriculture easier and more efficient. Its 36' width ensures that tasks like smoothing, aerating, and weeding can be done in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional tools. Its strong tines form a flexible chain that tears buried residue from the soil and levels it out, breaking through tough crusts and ridges to create a seedbed evenness. The rotary harrow can also knock down and break up heavy straw and cornstalks and dry out wet spots quickly. It's an invaluable tool for today's modern farmers.


The chain harrow is an incredibly versatile agricultural implement designed to help farmers cultivate their land. It can be used to spread manure and fertilizer to enrich the soil and encourage the healthy development of crops. Further, it helps level out fields and aerate the top layer of soil, allowing optimal seed germination. Additionally, chain harrows are a great way to break up thatch that has built up over winter, unlocking even more of the soil's potential. We offer chain harrows in working widths between 7' - 30', ensuring that there's an option perfectly suited for any farming application.

Give us a call for a consultation or schedule.  

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Are you looking to turn some property full of sagebrush into Agriculture land?  Are you looking to clear hiking & walking trails or a driveway on your property?  Do you need a right of way cut or cleared to prepare for certain work?  

We can help!

Lucky 8 Ranch has 20+ years of right-of-way clearing experience.  We can brush hog, mow, mulch, etc. Working widths from 2' to 42' wide.  

Give us a call for a consultation or schedule.  

(970) 846-3682

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