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Our Story

It all started with my father's first trip to his uncle's farm in Canada as a child.  Then in 2014, nested in the quiet and stunning valley of Trout Creek in Oak Creek, Colorado, one man's dream became a reality.  A bison ranch was born with over 3,000 acres of farmland and over a mile of Trout Creek.  We chose these majestic creatures for many reasons.  Not only are they marvelous to look at, but they were also on the brink of extinction.  Many ranches like us want to bring the herd back to its historical numbers.  These animals are near genetic perfection, standing the test of time and man.


Our Mission:

We are committed to the revival of a once endangered species and the reclamation of the American farmland.  We provide a safe work environment by practicing Holistic Land Management while being environmentally conscious and involving the community.  We will provide the highest quality American Original Red Meat, other products, and adventures!

We are located 20 minutes from Oak Creek,  35 minutes from Steamboat Springs and the Steamboat Ski Resort, and 40 minutes from the Hayden Airport.  

The Ranch

We are located in the charming valley of Trout Creek and on the historic Oak Creek (Hill) coal strip mine.  If you were to look at it, you wouldn't even know.  Lucky 8 Ranch is continually reclaiming our pastures, not only to improve forage quality but to hopefully introduce more sizeable wild mammal species to the area.  Taking our land from abandonment to thriving has been our goal.  Currently, our bison herd is 300 and growing.  We also have horses, alpaca, llama, chicken, & ducks.  We love our animals, and we love to share our home with visitors.  Lucky 8 Ranch offers various unique and exciting activities outside of Steamboat Springs, CO.

Grass Fed Bison Meat
Custom Ag Services
Farm Fresh Eggs
Hay Rides
Special Events
ATV Tours

We proudly support our community!

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