Historic Routt County

Lucky 8 Ranch resides in an area with great history and heritage.  

Before the gold rush and coal mining, Routt County was home to the Ute Indian tribes.  During the summers they would travel from Utah to hunt, fish, and bathe in healing waters of the many natural hot springs in the area.  Then in 1820's trappers had visited the area in search of beaver.  In 1861 gold was discovered in North Routt County at Hahn's Peak.  This led the way to the modern Routt County you see today.  In the late 1800's pioneers migrated to the rich and fertile valleys of the Yampa River to farm & ranch.  They were soon followed by the hopes of finding fortune in coal by entrepreneurs. 


The Town of Oak Creek was incorporated in 1907 as a coal mining town.  The town once proclaimed "Coal cream of Northwestern Colorado".  With the mining success, it brought the railroad to Phippsburg and then eventually to Oak Creek.  Immigrants from around the world flocked to the area. Between the 1920's and 1940's the amounts of different ethnic groups was unusually high for it's population.  The town claimed that by 1918 there were over two dozen different spoken languages.  

Modern Routt County

With the county gaining so much popularity, other entrepreneurs came seeking fortune. Soon outdoor tourism began to be an important part of the local economy.  The hot springs and skiing became an attraction.  Howelsen Hill Ski Area opened in 1915. Then Mount Werner Ski Area, now known as Steamboat Ski Resort, opened in 1964. 

Routt County Attractions

Steamboat Ski Resort

Howelsen Hill Ski Area

Strawberry Hot Springs

Old Town Hot Spings

Fish Creek Fall (The One on the Coors Can)

Stagecoach Reservoir

Flatt Tops Wilderness

Zirkel Wilderness

Hahn's Peak

Steamboat Lake

Yampa River

and many, many more...