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Bison Meat

Lucky 8 Ranch strives to exceed the quality expectation of our products!

We Are Currently Taking Deposits and Fulfilling Bison Meat by the Portion!

We offer:

Grass Fed & Finished Bison Meat

We sell by the pound or by the portion.

If you are interested in buying a whole or portions of an animal, please email for an order form.

Where to Buy:

We sell direct from the ranch headquarters.

Visit our online store for our most current meat cut selections.

General Information:

Why Choose Bison: It tastes better than most meat and is richer in flavor.  Bison meat is healthier, more lean, lower in fat, and a nutrient-rich red meat alternative.  The only meat endorsed by the American Heart Institute is Heart Healthy. Holistically raised. Grass-fed and finished.  No Antibiotics or Growth Hormones.


Average Whole Animal Hot Hanging Weight: 650 lbs

Average Amount of Meat from a Whole Animal: 350 lbs

Average Amount of Meat from a Half Animal: 175 lbs

Average Amount of Meat from a Split Half Animal: 88 lbs

Estimated Amount of Meat from Each Cut of a Whole Animal:

Tenderloin or Filet Mignon Steaks: 5-7 pounds

Strip Loin or New York Strip Steaks: 15-18 pounds

Rib Loin or Ribeye Steaks: 15-18 pounds

Sirloin: 15-20 pounds

Chuck Roast: 35-45 pounds

Brisket: 3-4 pounds

Ribs: 14-16 pounds

Stew Meat: 20 pounds

Ground Products: 240 - 280 pounds 


Whole Sale Prices:

All Prices are Subject to Change with the Current Market Value

For Current Pricing Call Us or Send an Email.

Based on Hot Hanging Weight

Whole: Current Market Value + Processing

Half: Current Market Value + Processing

Split Half: Current Market Value + Processing



Whole: $1000

Half: $500

Split Half: $250


Buyer Pays for Processing

Fees vary depending on the processor. 


Cooking with Bison

With Bison, you go low and slow, due to the leanness of the meat.  We do not suggest cooking your meats over medium. We also suggest after cooking you trim off all fat, bison fat tends to be a little like chewing rubber.   


Grilling & Broiling

  • Use Medium Heat and cook for 4-5 minutes per side, dependent on thickness.



  • Use an uncovered pan with a rack in it

  • Season and add 1-2 cups of liquid to the bottom of the pan

  • Brown roast in a hot oven (500 degrees) for 30 minutes

  • Reduce Heat to 250 degrees and using a meat thermometer cook to 145 for medium rare and 155 for medium

  • Slice at a right angle to the grain of the meat and serve


Pot Roasts & Braising

  • Use a pan with a cover to create moist heat to cook the meat from the shoulder, brisket, round, or short ribs

  • Brown meat in a small amount of oil

  • Simmer on top of the stove or in a 300-degree oven

Bison Meat Cuts
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