Custom Ag Services

Lucky 8 Ranch strives to give the best service and quality to our clients!

Our Colorado bison ranch needs to feed our animals.  We are always seeking more fields to harvest to feed out animals.


Do you have a home or property with harvestable grass fields, but don't have the equipment to do so?  We can help you!  Whether you have 5 acres or 500, we have the ability and equipment to help you out.   Our equipment has the ability to harvest small and large fields. 


We make small square bales (~65 lbs) and 4x4x8 large square bales (~1500 lbs)

What we offer:

Swath, Ted, Rake & Bale 

We also can mow/brush hog your field in preparation for harvest. 

We offer a harrowing service for larger fields with a rotary harrow.

Rates are dependent on season and current fuel prices.


Are your fields extremely rough, but you don't want to til it?  Did the moles and varmints go crazy over the winter making your fields rough? Do you have have a lot of thatch left over from last season?  Are you trying to spread your manure around from winter feeding?

We can help. 

We have a 32' wide rotary harrow which has many field benefits from smoothing out rough fields, aeration, and even getting rid of weeds.  The Rotary Harrow’s unique tines link together to form an immensely strong and flexible chain to remove buried residue from the soil and level the ground. Knock down and break up heavy straw and trash, including cornstalks. Dry out wet spots. Break through the crust and level out ridges and lumps to prepare an even seedbed.

Give us a call for a consultation or scheduling.  

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