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Quarter (1/4) or Split-Half Bison Portion Deposit

Quarter (1/4) or Split-Half Bison Portion Deposit


Grass Fed and Finished, Healthy, Natural American Original Red Meat!  


Sold as a split-half (25%) share of an animal based on the hot hanging weight (HHW).

Approximately 175 lbs of Hot Hanging Weight.

Approximately 120 lbs of packaged meat. 

Weights vary based on to overall weight of the animal. 


Current HHW Pricing: $10.75/lb

Estimated Cost: $1,613 - $1,882



Chose your own cut. 

General Processing

Vacuum Packaged


Extra costs:


Extra processing for making sausage products. 


"The seller of this meat is not subject to licensure, and the sale of animals or meat from this seller is not subject to state regulation or inspection by a public health agency. Animals or meat purchased from this seller are not intended for resale."


This product can only be sold and shipped within Colorado!


Email us for the most up to date information and ordering sheet.

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