Farm Fresh Eggs

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We offer:

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs & Duck Eggs

Where to Buy:

We sell eggs direct from the ranch headquarters.

Visit our online store for our most current selection & inventory.

We also sell from the Community Agriculture Alliance located in downtown Steamboat Springs. 

Where to Eat:

We currently supply our farm fresh eggs to Creekside Cafe located in downtown Steamboat Springs.

Nutritional Information:

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Full of essential vitamins and proteins, they provide us with many nutritional benefits needed to sustain a healthy life.  The real benefits of free-range eggs are in their nutritional value. Studies show several advantages to farm-fresh eggs, including:

less cholesterol

less saturated fat

increased vitamins A, E and D

more omega-3 fatty acids

more beta carotene

The nutrients to increase the amount of fatty acids in eggs come from chickens eating things like bugs, leafy greens, corn and flowers—ingredients completely vacant from a caged hen’s diet. Pasture-raised eggs are widely regarded as one of the best food sources for vitamin D. While both farm-fresh and store-bought eggs have cholesterol, backyard eggs contain lower amounts, and most of the cholesterol in eggs is considered “good” cholesterol that will not have the same detrimental health effects as “bad” cholesterol. Cholesterol is actually a very important part of our diet and helps us maintain calcium and phosphorous levels in our bloodstreams.  

Nutritional Information Sourced from Hobby Farm.


Care of our Chickens:

Our chickens and ducks are treated like royalty.  They have a traveling summer home and a winter home to bunker down for the cold winter.  Each coop is furnished with water, feed, and safety doors to keep intruders out.  During the summer months they are raised on the pasture with plenty of room to stretch their little legs.  In the winter we keep them in a spacious shed with room to run outside in a fenced run.  Due to our extreme winters the chickens need to be kept in a more secure location.  Our chickens get fed a layer ration with some scratch mixed in to keep them from getting bored.  They are fed oyster shells to aid with healthy egg formation.  They are also fed grit to aid with their digestion.